Primary school workshops

Setting off rockets

For more information and pricing for any of these workshops please contact Dr Research.

For workshops aimed at EYFS please go to the Sci Babies website.


Current workshops

Workshops usually last about 1 hour (or the length of one of your lessons), but they can be extended to last a whole morning or afternoon if you want to explore the topic further. All pupils take part in the activities which are designed to be fun, encourage investigation and cover key science concepts. If you don’t see what you want here, get in touch as most themes can be covered and you can mix and match activities from different workshops.

Racing ramps (Y1-6) – Practical investigation into how different gradients and surfaces effect how a car moves.

Slip slide and away (Y1-6) – Practical investigations into friction to find out which types of clothes can help toy people slide the fastest.

Magnetic Attraction (Y1-6) – Practical investigations to introduce magnetic force and measure the strongest magnet.

Light & dark (Y1-6) – Colour mixing of light, sources of light, Earth & moon, rocket launch finale.

Measure the weather (Y1-6) – Tame a tornado, create a cloud, reveal a rainbow and more. Activities are selected to match the weather on the day so we might make a sun print, a rain gauge or measure the power of the wind.

Eco inventions (Y1-6) – Find out about where our waste goes, recycling and some inventions trying to save the world. This would make an ideal introduction to a class project on inventions.

sweet experiments

Floating, sinking, blasting and drinking (Y1-6) – Take on a range of water-based challenges. Challenge yourself to make the floatiest boat, the highest rocket, the deepest diver, the prettiest water lily or the cleanest drinking water. These creative science challenges willg et you thinking and bring out your creative side.

Fun with food (Y1-6) – Today you can play with your food instead of eating to make rainbows, rockets and a lava lamp. A series of sticky, colourful and fizz-bang experiments using kitchen chemicals and sweets. We will investigate the different ingredients in sweets, make oil and water lava lamps to take home, launch a fizzy rocket and experiment with sweets and fizzy drinks to see to make the tallest, fizziest, stickiest fountain.

Sound (Y1-6) – Practical investigations to discover how sound is made, how it travels and make some instruments.

Spooky Science (Y1-6) – A range of spooky experiments using chemistry and physics to create glowing creatures, spooky circuits, witch’s brew and more.

Bee Happy (Y2-6) – Find out why bees are important, research different types of native bumblebees, make a plant pot and plant a seed to attract a bumblebee.

Space (Y3-6) – Make a planet, launch a rocket and other spacey stuff. Find out what nappies have to do with space, make and decorate your own model planets to take home, make your own stamp rocket and launch it, fly paper gliders and find out what’s so special about our Earth.

rocket feedback

Bubbles, baths and beyond (Y3-6) – How to train your bubbles. Experiment with bubble mix and make your own bubble wands, witness the power of bubbles in fizzy drinks and make bath bombs to take away and watch them fizz at home.

Electricity (Y3-6) – Introduction to electricity and circuits, investigate conductive materials and make a simple toy with a switch.

Please note that when booking I will discuss your requirements and actual activities will depend on the length of the workshop, age and numbers of participants, your preferences, the space available and the weather on the day!

Prices start from £100 for an hour workshop or £300 for a whole day plus travel from Durham to the school (and accommodation if necessary). Discounts are available for multiple bookings.

Dr (Re)Search and Sci Babies are listed on the STEM directories where grants for £500 are available.

Science Ambassador training

Dr Research can support your school to develop your KS2 pupils to become science ambassadors. They could then run a science fair or run a workshop with another class. In the past students have worked with me over a number of lessons or a full day to develop a range of different science activities that they then delivered to the rest of the school. One class of year 6s demonstrated their activities at a public science festival, Brainwave. As well as learning about the science behind the demonstrations, the students also improve their communication and presentation and ICT skills.

This is a longer term project and I would suggest spreading 4-6 sessions over a number of weeks before the final event. Staff also get lots of ideas and the schools I have worked with in the past are now running their own science events. This project includes opportunities to get parents, governors and the wider community to get involved.

This can involve a small number of pupils or a whole class who will be trained up as science ambassadors. The training can be delivered in one session or over several weeks depending on your requirements.


Please contact us for more information about pricing. External funding may be available to support costs.