Painting with plants

Year 1 painting

Autumn is well and truly underway here in Durham and the leaves are turning beautiful shades of red, yellow and brown. Our painting with plants workshop covers a range of topics including: chemical reactions, identifying leaves and also getting creative with paints made from different plants.

Year 3 painting

More able or older children¬†can go into more detail with labelling their drawings, and painting extra details on their leaves. Most of all it’s great fun and quite messy so the children love it!

The colours also match quite well with the changes in leaves during the Autumn so these leaves could form the basis of a Autumnal classroom display.

Making bath bombs

Kids love making bath bombs! It’s an activity I have done in several settings and it’s always popular with both boys and girls. Most recently, I ran this as a school fair where it was so popular it was hard to keep up with demand! It is better in a more controlled setting such as a classroom or youth group.

The main things in a bath bomb that make it fizz are bicarbonate of soda (an alkali) and citric acid (an acid – clue’s in the name really). When these chemicals mix in water they react and form a gas (carbon dioxide), this gas is what causes the fizzy bubbles you see in the bath when you drop them in. The other chemicals in the bath bomb are there to make it smell nice or add effects to the water (e.g colour or glitter). If you ever make these yourself my top tip is only put a teeny tiny bit of glitter or petals or whatever in your bomb, believe me they get all over your bath as well as all over you!